Frequently Asked Questions

Based on our experiences with other users, we have set up a list of responses to the most frequent queries regarding the Locorum service. It is always useful to look here first if you have a query. If you cannot find an answer please feel free to get in touch via our "Contact" page.

What is Locorum?

Locorum is an internet based service which allows you to look for products and services in your area.

Unlike many other directories, businesses will be recommended by people that have already used them, allowing other people to benefit from their experience.

Which towns does Locorum cover?

We provide an ever expanding list of products and services in towns and cities in Great Britain. We currently cover Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley, Doncaster and Chesterfield.

Who Can Register?

Anyone, anywhere in Great Britain can register as a member.

Any independent local businesses can register. Our search engine can look for products and services provided on either a 'Business to Consumer' or 'Business to Business' basis.

The product or service needs to be one of the categories on our list of approved products and services (this is quite an extensive list of nearly 300 categories). If a business wishes to register for an unlisted product or service, they should contact our support team to discuss before registering.

Any (non-profit) making community organisation can register.

Do I need to register to use the service?

You can carry out a search without registering, but you need to be registered as a member to post a recommendation for a business you have used.

Why should I register?

We hope that you will want to use this service for yourself and that you will value the the fact that businesses have been used and recommended by others. As a result, we hope that you will see the benefit of this and be happy to help others by providing your own recommendations.

How much does it cost?

Nothing, if you are a looking for a product or service.

Nothing, if you are a member recommending a business that you have used.

Nothing, if you are a business with a standard listing on the website.

Nothing if you are a non-profit making community organisation.

What is a community organisation?

Any group run for the benefit of their local community that is run on a not-for-profit basis. That doesn't mean you can't charge for using your service, as long as the charge is simply to cover costs.

Can you give some examples of community organisations?


So how does the service pay for itself?

If a business wishes to enhance their listing and set up web pages within the Locorum website or link to their own external website, then we make a modest charge for this.

What happens when I recommend a business?

If you are recommending a business or community member that is already registered with Locorum, it will be posted immediately.

If you are recommending a business or community organisation that is not yet registered with Locorum, we will contact the business first to see if they wish to register. If they then register, your recommendation will be linked to the business.

Do you publish the identity of members who recommend businesses?

We never identify individuals by name. Recommendations are attributed to your username, which you choose on registration. Usernames can be as cryptic as you choose. For example “john99”, “batman” or “bizzy_lizzy”.

Why are users known by their user id rather than their proper names?

To maintain privacy. If a user chooses to disclose their real name to another member or a business, that is fine as long as it is their choice.

Why can't you allow me to contact a member directly using their e-mail address - after all, you collect this information when we register?

It is stated as part of our terms and conditions that we will never disclose a member's e-mail address.

Do you have a policy regarding unacceptablematerial?

Yes. As stated in our terms and conditions; if it comes to our attention, we will take action against anyone who attempts to store or convey material that is deemed unacceptable by us. See our terms and conditions for a detailed definition.