All the latest LOCORUM software enhancements, product and service additions....

(12 April 2019)

Instant Messaging

You can now send an enquiry to our members without leaving the search results page.

Just click the "Email us" link, fill in the form and we will send your message immediately.

(30 March 2019)

Community Membership

This year sees a major change to the scope of our website. We now cater for community groups and organisations, allowing them to promote their services and activities.

We define community members as organisations that are run for the benefit of their local community on a not-for-profit basis (you can charge for your services as long as it is only to meet some or all of your costs).

Commmunity membership is free of charge, so if you belong to sports club, raise money for charity or provide support within your community, please come and join us!

(28 October 2018)

Demonstration Area

We thought it would help understand what we do if we provided you with a few imaginary business and community members.

To avoid confusion, they are all based in the fictional community of ANYTOWN, using fictional postcodes starting with 'Q'.

If you would like to look, just select either 'Shopping', 'Services' or 'Community' at the top of any page using postcode Q1 1AA, then hit the 'Start browsing' button.

(21 September 2018)

Who, What, When, Where and Why

In addition to basic contact details, business members now have options to display even more information in our search results. We have added amended our search results to allow business members to:

(4 June 2018)

New Logo

Well, we said we were rebranding. Here is the new logo!

You'll be seeing it replacing on the old one on our website and literature shortly.

Now all we need to do is restyle the rest of the website...

(5 January 2018)

Revised Search Facilities

Our search options have been revised with an emphasis on browsing rather than searching for specific services and products, this is in preparation for forthcoming new features.

(2 January 2018)

New Year, New Name!

We have been working hard over the winter to expand the website, both in terms of scope and useability.

To reflect our new approach, we are renaming the 'Need To Find A' service as 'LOCORUM'. As far as existing members are concerned, all previous services remain in place under the same terms and conditions, so please continue to enjoy the benefits of your membership.

We will be revising the layout and style of the website with improved search facilities and introducing a whole host of new features over the coming months.